♫ ♥ ♫ Glory Queendom ♫ ♥ ♫

♥ ♪ ♥ I'm the Queen from this land and I'm in love with the SHK's King ♥ ♪ ♥ SOUND HORIZON KINGDOM!!!!

Just  join the melodies of the past in order to create a new  ode and  sing the horrors of untold history

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I’ve been editing the translation for Yield! (guess I’m working in order a little; ABYSS. I’ll save Baroque for last just because I’m so unfamilar with it. I never liked it because it’s not actually a song, it’s just an audio clip of Aramary speaking a confession, not singing it)

I’m a…

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Revo is leaving his Death Note so Noël can pick it up

I think that Revo leaves a door, like do with us, with me Revo leave a door in all song, a door to another world,  that transport me to a place where I feel better and, give me the strength for continue my roman way…  SO, I GUESS THAT IS IT…  ON MY OWN CASE
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Revo is leaving his Death Note so Noël can pick it up

Revo is leaving a door, like do with us…  Revo give me a door for another world, a world in that I feel good, and take the  in order to continue my roman way
Permalink Yodaka is a bird with a small foots that can’t support his body…  Is interesting history. 
Ichizo is the name that the Eagle wants to give him, the manager of vanishing Starlight  is ICHIZO… theories about the story??
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i scanned the super tiny little photos from the assorted horizons’s booklets.
then fucked up and lost all of those scans, r-o-f-l.
prolly not bothering with those again, but take some postcards instead.


i tried to make a sanhora insult generator!!!


but shindan maker can only go up to 100 characters which is so lame bc i planned out so many more hurtful things!!! if anyone knows of a better weird text randomizer generator thing like this pls hmu ;w;

(vía murkki)



two messages on LINE today. unfortunately i can’t check them for myself, so i copied down the text from 2ch. japanese and english under the cut:

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