♫ ♥ ♫ Glory Queendom ♫ ♥ ♫

♥ ♪ ♥ I'm the Queen from this land and I'm in love with the SHK's King ♥ ♪ ♥ SOUND HORIZON KINGDOM!!!!

Just  join the melodies of the past in order to create a new  ode and  sing the horrors of untold history

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Heika looks awful in his HalloYoru costume. It doesn’t suit him at all. The same can be said about the outfit he wore in the Halloween Party pamphlet.

The Assorted Horizons deluxe edition BD on AmiAmi


It’s not up on CDJapan yet, but hey, I have about the same amount of loyalty to AmiAmi, AND they don’t charge you until it ships!

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I want to be the Queen of Sound Horizon Kingdom.

At now I’m the princess (?) 
» Please don’t kill me D; 
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back to school tomorrow and i am back at the land of my scanner. don’t think i’ve seen any scans of this Bravely Default Concert pamphlet before, though photos have been circulating around. not that my scans may be any better, ha ha…http://www.mediafire.com/?3gaq2o0z9otj1cc

Revo’s blog post 17th February 2014


My friend and I tried to translate this entry. It appears to contain some spoilers(?) for his future work? On the other side, he might be talking about passing the Valentine’s day.

Anyway, the lines in italic are in grey color (in the blog). We think that the lines in grey are narrations, while normal lines are normal dialogue/monologue (or his blog entry, whichever you think it is). 

Personally I think the lines in grey are connected in itself, but that is up to you to decide 8D (Even his blog is multi-interpretation…)


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(Fuente: sound-horizon.net)

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Where are the men in this fandom?
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I’m not fan of Sound Horizon, and I’m not fan of Linked Horizon either, I’m a fan of Revo’s music, and it doesn’t matter what name he calls himself by on the cover of the CD.
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Shaytan. Seisen no Iberia.
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[ SH 30 days meme ] Day 4 - Favourite song
"Cortes shougun ni tsudzuke!"
海を渡った征服者達 - Umi no Watatta Conquistadores !!
The song that make me feel in love right at first sight. ;;;; That make me have to dig in the lyrics, the history, people theories, SH utaou wiki and anything related… To know more about Cortés, to linked him with the horizon, and his maybe-navigator Idolfried. (ノД`)
(So here we have him in TTEIII costume)
But with heika’s lyrics, the more we know the more we get confused.